- beautiful hand made hats -

I like making hats for wearing. Sometimes an everyday weather beater is just as fun a project as an elegant wedding hat can be and, chances are, it’ll come out of the cupboard a hundred times more.
For thirty years now I’ve been honing my skills and sharpening my eyes, and I still love the challenge of something new.
At the moment I’m lucky enough to have workshops in two places: In Lyme Regis, Dorset and in Causey Park, Northumberland. If you’d like to discuss having a hat made an appointment is possible at either. Otherwise please browse my pages to find something ready to wear and keep up to date with trends on my Facebook page Alison Tutcher Milliner. You can also send me a message on this websites contact form. 


Are you looking for a bespoke hat? All of the hats I make are unique, so tell me the kind of thing you're looking for, what you like in my catalogue, and we can take it from there: